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Who got their politics in my video game?!

  Hey– Remember my post on President Forever + Primaries? I played the game – a fun little title that puts you in control of the presidential race – for an election post and never thought of it again. Jason Rosenbaum is obsessed with it. The Tribune’s politics reporter and blogger is so over the top for this game that … Continue reading

A test post.


Tanks for the Memories

Oh the Humanity

The only thing I hate more than the Black Eyed Peas right now is a certain landlord in a certain southern part of a certain college town in Columbia. So, that’s a lot of hate.


Pop Up Buffalo Stance

I vaguely remember that “Buffalo Stance” got the Pop Up Video treatment. It turns out my fuzzy memory is correct. Here’s some interesting info about one of the greatest karaoke songs ever. Buffalo Stance for life!


As several people know, I am a big fan of music-based video games. My fondness for the genre sparked a hugely destructive fake battle with IGN’s Greg Miller that I definitely should have planned better. Anyway, those several people also know that I prefer the “Rock Band” video game series over the “Guitar Hero” franchise. … Continue reading

Arch Madness

While walking back to work on Tuesday, I decided to touch the Arch. It was radical.

Speaking of Underoath…

… am I the only person who thinks they’re a great band?

Jefferson Starship Airplane

I remember reading either Blender or Maxim or Stuff many years ago and reading how Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City” was one of the worst songs ever. I’m not saying it’s a good song, but there are definitely tunes that are far, far, far worse. In any case, I would actually argue that “We … Continue reading