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Who got their politics in my video game?!

  Hey– Remember my post on President Forever + Primaries? I played the game – a fun little title that puts you in control of the presidential race – for an election post and never thought of it again. Jason Rosenbaum is obsessed with it. The Tribune’s politics reporter and blogger is so over the top for this game that … Continue reading

A test post.



J-Bomb: The Vanity Fair Interview

OK, I wasn’t actually interviewed for Vanity Fair. But a co-worker of mine asked me to fill out a questionnaire for a lunchtime activity. It’s apparently a series of questions that appear in the popular periodical. Here are some excerpts from the titillating interview: What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? It … Continue reading

The day Will.i.am took my money

I’m pretty sure that I’ve made clear of my distaste for the Black Eyed Peas. The group has created songs with some of the most awful and poorly written lyrics in the history of popular music. As the group’s chief songwriter, Will.i.am is responsible for polluting popular culture with awfulness like “My Humps” and “I … Continue reading


I’m in Columbia this weekend visiting friends and sampling delicious local food. I also had the honor of running on the awesome MKT Trail, which is situated conveniently next to a Taco Bell. Before heading onto the trail, I went to a gas station to grab a Sobe Lifewater. I noticed there was a prominent … Continue reading

J-Bomb and Co. are coming to Rock Band

Many of you know that when I lived in Columbia, I had a clandestine music career. It took me everywhere from “Mad Real Mondays” to somehow opening for 2 Live Crew. I also had a year-long stint at the As Yet Unnamed Comedy Show, which I feel was essential to getting me to the finals … Continue reading

Tanks for the Memories

I’ve jumped the shark

Why did I jump the shark? Because I’m hooked on The Office. And I bet I got hooked as soon as the show is declining, right masses?

Rock Band 3 Guessing Game

Consider this my mea culpa to Greg Miller – the music game genre has gotten a little stale. That doesn’t mean that I’ve put away Rock Band or Guitar Hero. And no, I’m not about to stop spending my hard-earned cash on music games. It’s just that since Rock Band 2 came out in 2008, … Continue reading